About Us

At BehavioralHealth2000.com, our team in Napa, California, works to deliver the top neuroscience and psychiatry resources. Our website provides links to a series of neuroscience training studies and key research papers across a number of topics, including psychiatry resource information. Take a look at the many resources we have available, including papers, lectures, and more.

Using our Resources

Whether you are a professional in the field or just interested in neuroscience training, our neuroscience and psychiatry resources are available to every individual throughout the country. We offer readers a number of research links to some of the top studies available. These links include papers covering psychiatry, genetics and molecular biology, and neurophilosophy with particular emphasis on the so-called mind/body problem.

Our psychiatry resource information also includes access to a new e-book under development entitled “The New Psychiatry.” This book shows that the time has arrived for a re-formulation of psychiatry without mind/body dualism.


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