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Video Lecture 0: Introduction of Behavioral Health 2000, LLC

Video Lecture 1: Meditation and Brain

Video Lecture 1.1: Meditation and Brain_Update 1

Video Lecture 1.2: Meditation and Brain_Update 2

Video Lecture 1.3: Meditation and Brain_Update 3 (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 2: The impact of poverty on brain structure and function

Video Lecture 2.1: Poverty causes Increased Mortality from the Desperation Syndrome

Video Lecture 3: The Bayesian Brain, Part 1

Video Lecture 4: The Bayesian Brain, Part 2

Video Lecture 5: The Bayesian Brain, Part 3

Video Lecture 5.1: The Bayesian Brain_Update 1 (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 6: Depression 1 — A Walk in the Woods

Video Lecture 6.1: Depression 2_Anti-depressant Response-Fast & Slow (Part 1)

Video Lecture 6.2: Depression 2_Anti-depressant Response-Fast & Slow (Part 2)

Video Lecture 7: Carving Nature At Her Joints—Sub-typing Depression 

Video Lecture 8: Metabolic Syndrome 1

Video Lecture 9: Metabolic Syndrome 2

Video Lecture 10: Metabolic Syndrome 3

Video Lecture 10.1: Metabolic Syndrome Update 1

Video Lecture 11: Schizophrenia Genetics

Video Lecture 11.1: Schizophrenia Genetics_Update

Video Lecture 11.2: Schizophrenia Genetics_Update 2

Video Lecture 12: From Correlation to Causation: Introduction to Optogenetics

Video Lecture 13: Memories Are Made of This: How A Psychiatrist Hacked The Memory Code

Video Lecture 13.1: Memories Are Made Of This: How Scientists Restore Lost Memories In Alzheimer‘s Mice

Video Lecture 13.2: Memories Are Made Of This: A GPS In The Brain

Video Lecture 13.3: Memories Are Made Of This: A Breakthrough In Alzheimer’s Disease

Video Lecture 13.4: Memories Are Made Of This: A Breakthrough In Alzheimer’s Disease 2 (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 13.5: Memories Are Made Of This: The Case For Rejecting The Amyloid Cascade Hypothesis (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 13.6: Memories Are Made Of This: Sleep And Memory (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 14: Parkinson’s Disease (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 15: Getting To Know Your Brain (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 16: The Greatest Hits of 2016 (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 17: Making Sense of Psychiatric Genetics (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 18: Introduction to Human Consciousness (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 18.1: Consciousness: Where In The Brain (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 18.2: Consciousness: Ignition in the Global Workplace (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 18.3: Consciousness: Consciousness during Dream States (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 18.4: Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 18.5: The Attention Schema Theory of Consciousness (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 19: The Codes of Perception—Face Recognition (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 19.1: The Codes of Perception—Hearing Voices (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 19.2: The Codes of Perception—Delusions (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 19.3: The Codes of Perception—False Beliefs (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 19.4: The Codes of Perception—Religious Beliefs (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 20: Genetics of Depression (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 21: 2017 The Year of the Brain Circuit (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 22.1: What is a Thought—AI and the Brain (References; Slide sets)

Video Lecture 23: Epigenetics 1 (References) (Slides)

Video Lecture 23.1: Epigenetics 2 (References) (Slides)

Video Lecture 24 Mystical Experience or Micro-dosing (Slides)

Video Lecture 25: Psychedelics-a deep dive into the science of the most promising drugs in psychiatry


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